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Simplified and duplicable solution for Network Marketing.
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Facts about Network Marketing
200 billion €
Annual revenue of Network Marketing industry
100 million
Over 100 million people are involved
1 million
Over 1 million people join every month


Over 95% of the marketers do not achieve the desired results because of their lack of knowledge and experience.
The mission

Our mission is to simplify achieving success in business and accelerate growth.

The vision

Our vision is to provide the most effective, duplicable turn-key solutions for networkers of every level and Network Marketing companies of any caliber.

Why Upline?

  • Simplify sales process
  • Increase duplication
  • Reduce fear of rejection
  • Increase authenticity, quality and speed of info transmission
  • Have an overview and statistics of the sales process
  • Be notified to take action via SMS and Google calendar
Upline Marketing Model
sales-model-svg T r aining 1 Ad v ance notice 2 P r esentation 3 Video based F A Q F ollow-up cycle W ebinar Li v e E v ents P ersonal E v ent Calendar 4 Decision Y es Client Mar k eter No Business management t ool Contact management (CRM) Notifications T ools Statistics 5 6 Duplication
Training is the first step after a person has decided to become a marketer. Basics of Network Marketing are explained and training’s videos, webinars and tests will provide the marketer with a clear step-by-step action plan how to get results via Upline.
Video based presentation module that helps to present your project simultaneously to millions of people at the time and place most suited to them, in various languages, while maintaining the quality of transmitted information.
FAQ - “Answer Center”
After watching the presentation video, the potential customer is redirected to a video based FAQ environment, or Answer Center. The information reflected in the Answer Center is always authentic because it is provided/confirmed by leaders and/or the company.
Follow-up cycle
Follow-up cycle revolves around Event Calendar, where you can see live events and webinars are consistently performed by top leaders of the particular project or trained experts. Now that the follow-up and closing are done by professionals we are increasing the closing ratio by many times.
Business Management
Business management allows marketer to work as a professional by keeping in touch with potential customers at the right time and have a full overview of their progress. This includes sync with Google Calendar, SMS notifications, customizable labels, sharing files with your team directly from Upline and much more.
Upline - all in one
Every marketer uses several different services such as email, calendar, checklist, data storage, excel, video providers etc. Upline has it all!
Data storage
Youtube and Wistia
Google Drive sync
Our services
We provide turn-key solutions for Network Marketing companies of every caliber including:
Sales logic and architecture
Customized IT solutions
Video filming and animation
Web based training
Customizable backoffice and comp. plans (coming soon)
IOS and Android app (coming soon)

Need upline for your team/company?

We provide turn-key solutions for Network Marketing
companies of every caliber including:
Our main task is to support and develop the SKYWAY project, to successfully bring the innovative transport system to the world market. That is why we have started active and fruitful cooperation with Global Transport Investments Inc., which is the direct owner of the SKYWAY string transport technology. This partnership will allow for the technology, which is by far ahead of time, to enter a qualitatively different level of its implementation and widespread introduction.
We believe that the world has gone through a massive shift in the last 10-20 years. Computers, the internet, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies and other new technologies have changed almost every industry. Every industry, except one – the school system. We believe that every modern school should teach the newest technologies, new possibilities and show how we all can benefit from them. And this is exactly why we created DagUniversity.
Coming soon
Our vision is to become the number one cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, usability and number of users. OneCoin aims to grant access to financial services to everyone by providing educational tools and simplifying and demystifying cryptocurrency.
Read our whitepaper in order to learn more about Upline, the token and the team.